Mobile Websites

Did you know that Smartphone and mobile device use is growing worldwide at a much faster rate than that of traditional computers?

As a result of this, many more people are using mobile devices to browse the internet. However, mobiles and tablets have specific characteristics and many websites can be difficult to navigate on these devices. Also, many businesses - restaurants, bars and shops for example - specifically target an audience who are used to using mobile devices for browsing the web, or may have a target market that is often on the road.

Issues such as this can be addressed in two different ways:

  • Make your website 'responsive'. This basically means that your website is coded so that it will adapt automatically to different screen sizes, adjusting as required for browser, tablet, smartphone etc. This is typically the best approach for many websites as you only need to worry about one 'version' of the site, although (re)development may take a little longer.
  • Have a 'mobile specific' version of your website that visitors using a smartphone will see in place of your normal website. While this means you have more than one version of the site it is still a popular solution, particularly when you have an old or complex site that would be too difficult to convert to a responsive site. Many people also prefer to present a different or simplified version of their site to mobile visitors.

If you choose to go down the 'responsive' route, BlueCat can of course help you with website development and maintenance.

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